panoptes.utils.cli namespace


panoptes.utils.cli.image module

panoptes.utils.cli.image.cr2_to_fits(cr2_fname: Path, fits_fname: str | None = None, overwrite: bool = True, remove_cr2: bool = False) Path[source]

Convert a CR2 image to a FITS, return the new path name.

panoptes.utils.cli.image.cr2_to_jpg(cr2_fname: Path, jpg_fname: str | None = None, title: str = '', overwrite: bool = False, remove_cr2: bool = False) Path | None[source]

Extract a JPG image from a CR2, return the new path name.

  • cr2_fname (Path) – Path to the CR2 file.

  • jpg_fname (str) – Path to the JPG file.

  • title (str) – Title to use for the JPG file.

  • overwrite (bool) – Overwrite existing JPG file.

  • remove_cr2 (bool) – Remove the CR2 file after conversion.

panoptes.utils.cli.image.solve_fits(fits_fname: Path, **kwargs) Path | None[source]

Plate-solve a FITS file.

panoptes.utils.cli.image.watch_directory(path: Path, to_jpg: bool = True, to_fits: bool = True, solve: bool = True, overwrite: bool = False, remove_cr2: bool = False) None[source]

Watch a directory for changes and process any new files.

The files will be processed according to the boolean flags, with the flag names corresponding to other image commands.

By default, all the flags are enabled, which will:

  • Extract JPG files from a CR2.

  • Convert CR2 files to FITS.

  • Plate-solve FITS files.

panoptes.utils.cli.main module